Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Who are you? I've forgotten who you are.
Where did you go? You left me laying here cold.
I can't remember the last thing you told me, the last time we talked.
The closeness we shared is a blurry memory broken by fractured dreams.
We overstepped bounds. Pushed past the red tape. Ignored the warning.
Now we face the awful truth about us. That we've forgotten each other in a jungle full of weeds and thorns.
I can't see you anywhere. I can't hear your voice. I don't know if that's good or bad. But you aren't calling out to me so that I can find you again.
We're drifting apart. Walking in two different directions. With every step the distance grows. Where are you going? Why did you leave?
I have to start moving; finding my way out of this place. Without you by my side, I'll still make it through. The thick jungle catches my sleeve, the thorns rip across my skin. It hurts and I bleed, but I won't let it stop me. I'm moving, gotta keep moving. The trees are thinning and the grass is shorter. I start to run. Picking up the pace now. I'm almost there, I can see the clearing ahead.
When I make it out, I'll bask in the sun. Feel the heat on my face, the sweat roll down my back.
I'll sit down and look behind me, just over my shoulder. Enough to see the mess I just found my way through. Alone. On my own. Believe me, when the cool breeze blows across my skin, I'll know it was worth it. All the work, pain, tears and loss.... all of it was worth it. To get there, out alive, believe me it was. And I'll smile....

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